Pyranometers of Senseca: total upgrade.

Pyranometers of Senseca: total upgrade.

Better specifications, a better mechanical design, higher quality. We are the only producer of Pyranometers that is confident enough to provide a 6 year warranty period.

At Senseca, part of the GHM GROUP, it has been an energetic time with high activities since the take over by GHM. Since Senseca became part of the group in November 2015, we have invested a lot in implementing new production methods to be able to scale up the production capacity.

The result is the ideal mix between innovative Italian engineering combined with the strict organized German quality in production. These investments are very visible in the changes that have been done in the production of our Pyranometers. The ultimate result? Better quality and higher performance than ever!

Senseca supplies a wide range of Pyranometers: Secondary Standard, First Class and Second Class. All according to the recommendations of the WMO and compliant to ISO9060.
Each individual Pyranometer has its own calibration report and its own unique calibration factor: to obtain the highest accuracy in any situation!

Buy experience: 
Senseca supplies Pyranometers to the market since over 20 years
Buy efficiency:
Our Pyranometers are easy to set up and quick to install
Buy accuracy:
We supply each Pyranometer with an individual  calibration report
Buy the best:
Our Pyranometers are the only ones on the market with 6 years warranty


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