HVAC40 – designed for HVAC!

HVAC40 – designed for HVAC!

Years of experience in worldwide applications have now been converted into ‘the new standard in measuring’.

We have focused the new design on accuracy, stability, simplicity and connectivity. To this we have added our knowledge of best production practices: meet the HVAC40 series.

Best for the job: in quality and in price.

HVAC transmitters need to be stable, need to be low maintenance and need to last ‘forever’.
Senseca has chosen 3 basic models for this market, both can be supplied as Temperature version only or as Temperature/ Humidity/ Dewpoint version. All versions to be supplied with or without display.

Wall mounted model: simple with integral sensor(s) for room or cabinet measurements.
Monoblock design: electronics and probe combination for duct measurements.
Electronics and probe connected by 2 meter cable, for duct or remote measurements.

4-20mA, active
4-20mA, 2 wire
Relay output
Modbus-RTU, RS485

More detailed information to follow soon!