We take calibration to the next level

We take calibration to the next level

We as Senseca are so used to having extensive in-house ISO17025 calibration possibilities, that we sometimes forget how different this makes us from other suppliers.

We do not just operate ‘a’ ISO17025 calibration facility. Our in-house ISO 17025 accredited Calibration Centre in fact consists of 6 independent laboratories; accredited for Air Speed, Temperature, Acoustic, Light, Pressure and Humidity.

We are proud to announce that the scope of calibrations for radiation measurements is now extended with the a calibration on cosine response (angular response).
After absolute response, being exactly aware of the cosine response is as important as the spectral response: only when having the exact angular response it is possible to apply a correction where necessary.

Senseca offers this possibility for Pyranometers, PAR measurement and LUX measurements. This makes that the user knows exactly the angular response and, by knowing this, can reduce the error of the measurement.

Next to this we offer the possibility of Accredited ISO17025 calibration as a standard on our range of radiation sensors: not just for solar irradiance sensitivity on Pyranometers and Albedometers, but also for illuminance, luminance, UVA/ UVB/ UVC irradiance, colour temperature …and many more possibilities. If you have any questions about the calibration possibilities that Senseca is offering, please contact us.

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