HD103T.0 – Active Air Speed Transmitter

HD103T.0 – Active Air Speed Transmitter

Active air speed and temperature transmitter with omni-directional hotwire sensor. Probe with 5m cable. Speed 0.1...5 m/s.

Active air speed transmitter with omnidirectional hotwire sensor. Probe with wire protection spherical cage Ø 100 mm connected to the electronics via 5 m cable.

Air speed measuring range: 0.1…5 m/s. Outputs for temperature and airspeed.

The transmitter has three configurable analogue outputs: 4…20 mA and 0…20 mA current outputs and 0…10 Vdc voltage output (0…1 Vdc or 0…5 Vdc outputs can be supplied on request). The output can be chosen by using the jumpers inside the instrument.

Power supply 24 Vac (230 Vac on request). Working temperature 0…80 °C.

Sensor working conditions: clean air, RH <80%.

Part number for spare wired protective sphere HD103P.

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