HD2010UC/A.Kit1 – Class 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter and Analyzer

HD2010UC/A.Kit1 – Class 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter and Analyzer

Class 1 integrating Sound Level Meter and Analyzer (Type approved IEC61672)  

HD2010UC/A is a Class 1 integrating portable sound level meter performing either spectral or statistical analysis.

The instrument has been designed combining maximum usage flexibility, cheapness, and simplicity of use. Attention has been paid to the possibility of adjusting the instrument to regulatory modifications, and to the necessity of meeting its users’ needs of today and tomorrow. The HD2010UC/A can be integrated with other options to extend its application scope at any time; the firmware can be updated directly by the user by means of the supplied Noise Studio program.

The HD2010UC/A conforms to IEC 61672-1 of 2002 and IEC 61672-1 ed. 2.0 of 2013, IEC 60651 and IEC 60804 specifications with class 2 or class 1 tolerances. The constant percentage bandwidth (CPB) filters meet IEC 61620 class 1 specifications.

The HD2010UC/A is suitable for the following applications:

  • Assessment and monitoring of the environmental noise level,
  • Spectral analysis by octave bands from 31.5Hz to 8kHz,
  • Optional (HD2010.O1) spectral analysis by third octave bands from 25Hz to 12.5kHz,
  • Statistical analysis with percentile levels calculation from L1 to L99
  • Capture and analysis of sound events,
  • Measurement at the workplace,
  • Selection of personal protective equipment (SNR, HML and OBM methods),
  • Soundproofing and acoustic treatment,
  • Production quality control,
  • Measurement of machine noise,
  • Optional architectural and building acoustics measurements.

The kit includes: Sound Level Meter HD2010UC/A Class 1, 1/2” UC52/1 pre-polarized condenser microphone, windscreen, preamplifier, USB or RS232 cable, carrying case, declaration of conformity, Noise Studio basic software version.

For Class 2,  see HD2010UC/A.kit2.

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