HD2016 – Weighing Rain Gauge

HD2016 – Weighing Rain Gauge

Weighing rain gauge, area 400 cm². 3000 cc collecting reservoir. Automatic water discharge. Operating temperature from -20 °C (with heater option) to +70 °C.

HD2016 is a rain gauge that detects the weight of the rainfall collected by a 400 cm² inlet. The sensor is a load cell located at the base of the rainfall collecting reservoir. The signal of the load cell is processed by the internal electronic board of the rain gauge in order to output the information on the rainfall.

Various outputs are available:

  • RS485 with Modbus-RTU or proprietary ASCII protocol
  • SDI-12
  • Voltage-free pulse contact output

The rain gauge is able to provide the total rainfall, the partial rainfall (from the last reset command or from the last reading command), the average rainfall rate in the last minute and in the last hour. The measured rainfall is regularly saved into a non-volatile memory, which retains the information even in case of power failure.

The automatic discharge of the rainfall collected allows using a compact and lightweight structure for the installation of the rain gauge.

So as to ensure accurate measurement even with low temperature climatic conditions, a version with heating which is automatically activated below +4 °C has been developed (HD2016R) so that snow deposits and ice formations are prevented.

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