HD2020 – Class 1 Sound Level Calibrator

HD2020 – Class 1 Sound Level Calibrator

Class 1 sound level calibrator according to IEC 60942:2003. LCD display. Calibration frequency 1000Hz, sound pressure levels 94dB/114dB.

The HD2020 sound level calibrator is a portable, battery operated sound source, suitable for sound level meters (portable and laboratory) and acoustic stations.

It allows calibrating ½” microphones with mechanical dimensions compliant with IEC 61094-1 and IEC 61094-4.

The calibration pressure levels of 94dB and 114dB can be selected by the keypad. The 1000 Hz frequency cannot be changed.


  • The 1000Hz frequency allows calibrating sound level meters with any weighting (LIN, A, B,…), without applying any correction factor.
  • The calibration sound pressure level is independent of atmospheric pressure: you don’t need to adjust the value according to static pressure over a wide range of values.
  • The HD2020 calibrator can be conveniently used both in laboratory and in the field. The 114 dB sound level allows performing calibrations even in high background noise environments.
  • Its simplicity of use allows the use even by unskilled personnel.
  • The presence of the LCD helps you through the steps of setting the calibrator, signal the end of the span and allows you to check the status of the battery.

ISO 17025 calibration certificate according to IEC 60942 included.

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