HD2060 – Calibrator for Vibration Transducers

HD2060 – Calibrator for Vibration Transducers

Hand-held calibrator for vibration chains with frequency 15.915 Hz and levels 1 m/s² and 0.1 g, and frequency 159.155 Hz and levels 10 m/s² and 1 g. With LCD display.

Optimize your calibration process with the HD2060 mechanical vibration calibrator. Engineered for precision, this device generates controlled mechanical vibrations with amplitude and frequency stability ensured by a quartz mechanism. Coupling a transducer to its vibrating base allows for swift sensitivity checks to acceleration, velocity, or displacement.

Designed for field use, the HD2060 boasts a rechargeable internal battery, lightweight build, and compact dimensions, making it exceptionally portable. Its robust feedback system ensures accurate maintenance of set amplitude levels, even under varying transducer loads, as per specified limits.

Benefit from the long-term stability, with minimal drift of just 1% per year. To uphold precision, annual calibration at Senseca metrological laboratories is recommended.

Experience seamless operation aided by the backlit display, providing clear readouts of acceleration, frequency, and level attainment. Error alerts promptly notify users of exceeded loads or low battery, safeguarding against operational disruptions. Additionally, automatic vibration cessation upon reaching set time limits and an auto-shutdown feature prevent battery drain.

Included accessories facilitate transducer mounting, while an external power supply ensures convenient battery charging. Each calibration session comes complete with a comprehensive calibration report.

The HD2060 excels in in-the-field calibration of acceleration, velocity, and displacement transducers.

From ensuring workplace safety per ISO 8041:2005 standards to evaluating building vibrations, trust the HD2060 for precise, reliable results.

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