HD2102.1 – Portable Luxmeter

HD2102.1 – Portable Luxmeter

Portable luxmeter for measuring illuminance, luminance, PAR, irradiance.

The HD2102.1 is a portable luxmeter for measuring illuminance, luminance, PAR, irradiance.

Irradiance is measured in the VIS-NIR, UVA, UVB and UVC spectral regions or in the measurement of effective irradiance according to the UV action curve.

The luxmeter calculates, in addition to the instantaneous measurement, the integral over time of the acquired measurements Q(t). Thresholds can be associated with the integral measurement or integration time that can be set from the menu, above which the instrument stops calculating the integral. It is equipped with an RS232 C serial port for real-time transfer of acquired measurements to a PC or printer.

Other functions are: REL relative measurement, HOLD function and automatic switch-off.

Use LP471… series probes with SICRAM module. Probes and cables for data download must be ordered separately.

Also available in version with datalogging function HD2102.2.

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