HD30.1 – Spectroradiometer Data Logger

HD30.1 – Spectroradiometer Data Logger

Spectroradiometer Data Logger: Illuminance [LUX], Correlated Color Temperature CCT [K], Trichromatic Coordinates, CRI (color rendering index), PAR, UVA, UVB irradiance, UVC irradiation.

The HD30.1 spectroradiometer datalogger is designed for the spectral analysis of light in the visible range and ultraviolet.

The instrument has been designed by combining the maximum flexibility of use. The system consists of two elements connected together by a cable: the data logger-indicator HD30.1 and the measurement sensors (also available all toghether as a kit with code HD30.1K).

The analyzed spectral range varies according to the used measuring probe:

  • Visible Spectral Region (380 nm-780 nm) with the HD30.S1 probe
  • Ultraviolet Spectral Region (220 nm-400 nm) with the HD30.S2 probe.

Measuring probes are interchangeable and calibrated (the calibration file is stored inside each probe).

The probe HD30.S1 analyzes the visible spectral region (380 nm-780 nm) and calculates the following photo-colorimetric quantities: Illuminance [lux], Correlated Color Temperature CCT [K], Trichromatic Coordinates [x,y] (CIE 1931) or [u’,v’](CIE1978), CRI (color rendering index, R1…R14, Ra) , PAR [µmolphot/sm²]

The probe HD30.S2 analyzes the ultraviolet spectral region (220 nm-400 nm) and calculates the following radiometric quantities: UVA Irradiance (W/m² ), UVB Irradiance (W/m² ) and UVC Irradiance (W/m²)

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