HD49… Series – Passive Temperature-Humidity Transmitters

HD49… Series – Passive Temperature-Humidity Transmitters

Temperature, relative humidity and dew point transmitters with passive 4÷20 mA analog output.

HD49 transmitters are designed for temperature and humidity control in conditioning and ventilation applications (HVAC/BEMS) in the following sectors: pharmacy, museums, clean rooms, ventilation ducts, industrial and civil sectors, crowded places, canteens, auditoria, gyms, high-density farms, greenhouses, etc.

The models of the HD49.. series are passive transmitters and thus suitable to be inserted in a 4…20mA current loop.

Available models:

For the TO and TC versions, two probe temperature ranges are possible: standard -20…+80 °C and extended -40…+150 °C (option E). Temperature range of the thin film 1/3 DIN Pt100 probe for solar panel: -40…+85 °C.

HD49 transmitters are also available with LCD display (option L).

Electronic working temperature: -20…+60 °C.

For Active Transmitters, please refer to the HD48… series.


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