HD9408PS50K – Static Port for Barometric Transmitter

HD9408PS50K – Static Port for Barometric Transmitter

Static port for barometric pressure measurement.

The measurement of the barometric pressure in free field can give incorrect values of hundred pascal fluctuation and wind direction. The static port for barometric measurements, HD9408PS50K can minimize these errors because, in addition to act as a filter (brake) against the dynamic pressure of the wind, the barometer can operate correctly even in the presence of snow or ice and comply with the recommendations of the WMO (World Meteorological Organization).

The materials used for th construction of the static are UV resistant and can operate in temperatures between -40°C and +80°C.


Installation is simple: it must be installed away from buildings, trees or any other source which can disrupt the flow of wind. To install the bracket is available HD9408PS56 and three stainless steel screws M5x16 Acc. The connection of the static to the barometer, for example, HD9408T or HD9408TR, is made with a special tube HV55 (internal diameter of 3mm, 6mm outer diameter) and UV resistant to climate changes. Maintenance or cleaning is minimal.

The kit includes:

  • HD9408PS50 barometric pressure static port
  • HD9408PS56 support bracket for the static port
  • HV55 UV and temperature resistant silicone tube, internal diameter 3 mm, external diameter 6 mm, length 400 mm.

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