HDBV-1000 – IEPE Triaxial High Sensitivity Accelerometer 10V/g

HDBV-1000 – IEPE Triaxial High Sensitivity Accelerometer 10V/g

Triaxial high sensitivity accelerometer, ICP, 10V/g, weight 50g, range 5m/s2 pk

HDBV-1000 is a tri-axial accelerometer for the measurement of human exposure to whole-body vibrations, according to ISO 2631 and ISO 8041.

Combined with the HD2030AC5 support the HDWBV accelerometer is suitable for the measurement of building vibrations according to ISO 2631-2.

The sensor is based on MEMS technology and the IEPE/ICP compatible electrical interface allows a reliable signal transmission.

  • Sensitivity 10 V/g
  • Range ±5 m/s² pk
  • Weight 50 g
  • Threaded hole for screw 10-32 UNF
  • Connector M5 4 pin
  • Residual noise (Wm ISO2631-2) < 1 mm/s²

Reference markets are:

  • Measurement of vibrations in buildings for comfort evaluations
  • Laboratory measurements

The accelerometer connects to the right (tri-axial) input of the HD2070 or HD2030 using the HD2030CAB3M-xxM cable (not included) or to any IEPE compatible analyser with BNC inputs using the HD2030MSP.CAB13 cable.

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