HDWBV-100 – IEPE Triaxial Accelerometer – 1000 mV/g

HDWBV-100 – IEPE Triaxial Accelerometer – 1000 mV/g

Triaxial accelerometer for whole body measurement, ICP, 1V/g, weight 50g, range 5 g pk

IEPE tri-axial accelerometer for the measurement of vibration transmitted to whole body.

Using the mounting kit (included) the accelerometer can be used in combination with both HD2030PAD seat adapter and HD2030AC5 floor measurement adapter.

  • Sensitivity 1 V/g
  • Range ±5 g pk
  • Weight 50 g
  • Threaded hole 10-32 UNF
  • Connector M5 4 pin

It includes:

  • Mounting Kit for HD2030PAD and HD2030AC5;
  • Mounting screw 10-32 UNF copper-beryllium alloy (HD6200).

Accelerometer can be connected to the right input (tri-axial) of analyzer with cable HD2030CAB3M-xxM (not included).

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