LPPAR03… Series – Radiometric Probe for Photons Flow

LPPAR03… Series – Radiometric Probe for Photons Flow

Radiometric probe for measuring photon flow in the field of photosynthesis of chlorophyll PAR, for outdoor use, diffuser for cosine correction, dome in K5. Spectral range 400 ÷ 700 nm.

The probe LPPAR03 measures the ratio between the number of photons that strike a surface in one second, in the 400 nm…700 nm spectral range and the surface area (m²). This quantity is defined as PAR: Photo-synthetically Active Radiation.

The probe calibration is carried out by using an halogen lamp, with a known spectral irradiance in a specific spectral range. Temperature slightly affects the probe spectral response.

The probe is designed for outdoor readings. Output, according to the chosen configuration, in μV per μmol m-²s-¹ or 4…20 mA or 0…10 Vdc normalized output or RS485 MODBUS-RTU output.

  • LPPAR03 = μV/(μmol m-²s-¹) output
  • LPPAR03BL = μV/(μmol m-²s-¹) output + base with levelling device
  • LPPAR03BLAC = output 4…20 mA + base with levelling device
  • LPPAR03BLAV = output 0…10 V + base with levelling device
  • LPPAR03BLS = RS485 MODBUS-RTU output + base with levelling device

Working temperature -20…+60 °C. M12 male 4-pole (models with analog output) or 8-pole (model with RS485 MODBUS-RTU output) connector. On request, CPM12AA4… (except LPPAR03BLS) or CPM12-8D (only LPPAR03BLS) cable with M12 female connector.

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