LPPYRA11 – Spectrally Flat Class A Albedometer

LPPYRA11 – Spectrally Flat Class A Albedometer

High accuracy albedometer composed by 2 Class A Pyranometers according to ISO 9060:2018

Albedometers are composed of two pyranometers that are mounted back-to-back. An albedometer measures in two directions; one pyranometer is facing upwards (measuring the global solar radiation), the other pyranometer is facing downwards (measuring the reflected solar radiation).

Albedo is the fraction of solar radiation that is reflected from the ground, with respect to incident radiation. ALBEDO = Reflected Global Radiation Incident Global Radiation also called Solar Reflectance. By using albedometers, we can calculate the net radiation obtained through the difference between incident global radiation and reflected global radiation.

The LPPYRA11 is a Spectrally Flat Class A (Secondary Standard) albedometer composed by two LPPYRA10 according to ISO 9060:2018 standards and to specifications published by the WMO (World Meteorological Organization). The outputs of the two pyranometers electric signals can be directly sent to a data logger or to an automatic data processor. In the albedometer, the two pyranometers are coupled in order to have the same sensitivity.

The albedometer is supplied factory calibrated and with a calibration report.

Senseca manufactures as well Spectrally flat Class B albedometers LPPYRA05 and Spectrally flat Class C albedometers LPPYRA06.

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