LPUVB03BLAV – Radiometric Probe for UVB Irradiance

LPUVB03BLAV – Radiometric Probe for UVB Irradiance

Radiometric probe for measuring irradiance in the UVB, for outdoor use, diffuser for cosine correction, dome in Quartz. Spectral range 280...315 nm peak 304 nm.

The LPUVB03BLAV probe measures global irradiance (W/m²) on a surface area (m²) in the UVB (280 nm…315 nm) spectral region. In particular, the spectral sensitivity is focused at 305 nm, with a bandwidth (FWHM) of 5 nm. The global irradiance is the result of the sum of direct solar irradiance and of diffused irradiance incident on a planar surface.

In the UVB spectral region, unlike in the visible portion where the direct component prevails over the direct component, the light is strongly diffused by the atmosphere and thus the two components are equivalent, therefore is very important that the instrument is capable of measuring accurately both the components. The probe is designed for outdoor readings.

Typical output 0…5 Vdc.

Working temperature -20…+60 °C. M12 male 8-pole connector. On request CPM12AA8… cable with 8-pole M12 female connector.

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