PBS83M – Digital Output Barometric Transmitters

PBS83M – Digital Output Barometric Transmitters

Barometric transmitters series with high-precision piezo-resistive pressure sensor and integrated temperature sensor, RS485 output and additional analog output user-configurable in current or voltage.

PBS83M… is a series of barometric transmitters belonging to the BAROsense family.

It is equipped with a precision piezo-resistive pressure sensor with integrated temperature sensor. The pressure and temperature measurements are digitally processed to obtain a pressure output value compensated over the whole transmitter temperature operating range.

The transmitter has a digital RS485 output with MODBUS-RTU or proprietary protocol. As option, it can be supplied with an additional analog output, which can be selected by the user in current or voltage via an internal jumper.

The transmitter digital output enables the transmission of the measurements over long distances and connects the transmitter to sensors networks.

Optionally, it can be supplied with additional input for combined temperature and relative humidity probe. Having the external probe connected, the barometric transmitter calculates as well dew point,  absolute humidity and wet bulb temperature.

A user-friendly interface allows to choose from a range of user-selectable units of measurement. An optional LCD display is available for immediate and direct reading of the data.

For outdoor installations, the optional static port with support bracket minimizes measurement errors caused by wind flow, ensuring extreme accuracy and reliability.

Looking for barometric transmitters with only analog output? Have a look at the PBS860…and PBS880… series.


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