PYRAsense13 – Class A Pyranometer with Shadow Ring

PYRAsense13 – Class A Pyranometer with Shadow Ring

Spectrally Flat Class A pyranometer with shadow ring for the measurement of diffuse solar radiation

The LPS13… series is built around the PYRAsense10, our Class A Spectrally Flat pyranometer.

This family of pyranometers is standard equipped with an adjustable shadow ring that prevents the direct solar radiation to reach the sensor the whole day long, so that only the diffuse solar radiation will be measured.

Digital models are equipped with integrated internal diagnostic sensors to keep operating conditions always under control. Moreover, a built-in days-of-operation counter allows to optimize the maintenance schedule effortlessly, ensuring peak performance.

Using the PC application software DATAsense, in digital models it is possible to configure the sensor monitor the measurements in real time and save the values detected during the connection in a file.

Besides digital models, also passive and analog versions are available.



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