VUP12 – Heating and Ventilation Unit

VUP12 – Heating and Ventilation Unit

Ventilation and heating unit for pyranometers

The VUP12 ventilation and heating unit allows increasing the accuracy of solar radiation measurements maintaining the operating temperature of the sensor uniform. Ventilation reduces the type “A” offset (present in pyranometers and pyrgeometers) due to cooling of the dome with respect to the sensor body.

It can be used outdoor in any weather condition and avoids the formation of dew and frost on the optical part of the sensor.

The use of ventilation and moderate heating prevents dew formation on the dome, especially in the early morning hours, allowing much more accurate measurements even in moderate climates. The heating function can also be used in extreme environmental conditions, to avoid the formation of snow and ice on the sensor dome.
The unit is equipped with two independent heating circuits of equal power, which can be individually activated to better adapt the heating function to the climate of the installation site.

The unit is suitable for LPS02… and LPS10… series pyranometers and allows solar radiation measurements to be performed according to the recommendations of the following standards:

  • IEC 61724-1
  • ISO/TR 990
  • “BSRN operations manual”

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