Sound Pressure Levels Precision Measurement

Sound Pressure Levels Precision Measurement

The quality, stability and reliability of a microphonic preamplifier are fundamental in the process of acquiring accurate measurements of sound pressure levels.

The high impedance signal generated by precision microphones, which is very sensitive to the characteristics of the transmission cables, needs to be amplified and made compatible with the input specifications of professional measurement systems. The quality of transduction of this signal depends on the preamplifier, a fundamental element of the measurement chain.

To be sure you get the most out of your measurements, the new series of CCP / IEPE compatible preamplifiers and microphone sets are now available!

The new series are easy to integrate with other sensors into CCP based systems. Moreover, the standardized 2…20 mA power supply makes them compatible with most professional measurement systems and allow the use of two-wire common low cost cables with BNC connectors.

Therefore, flexibility and high accuracy at affordable cost are combined in just one product.

Besides the preamplifiers, also complete microphone sets are available. All available sets consist of a CCP preamplifier and a precision microphone with individual calibration and sensitivity values.

Go here to see all different models available and choose the best one for your application!