HD2030MSP – IEPE Triaxial Whole Body Accelerometer – 1000 mV/g

HD2030MSP – IEPE Triaxial Whole Body Accelerometer – 1000 mV/g

Whole body IEPE triaxial accelerometer with rubber pad, 1V/g, Range ±5 g pk, weight 250 g.

HD2030MSP is an accelerometer suitable for the measurement of vibrations transmitted by seats to the occupants of passenger and work vehicles.

The mechanical design is compliant with the requirements of ISO 10326-1. The seat pad consists of a thin circular rubber pad housing a low profile tri-axial accelerometer.

The accelerometer is suitable for the measurement of human exposure to whole-body vibrations, according to ISO 2631, ISO 10326-1, ISO 7096 and ISO 8041.

The transducer is based on MEMS technology and the electrical interface is IEPE/ICP compatible for reliable signal transmission.
The device measures the acceleration imparted to the body in three orthogonal axes with a sensitivity of 100 mV/(m/s²) nominally. The tri-axial accelerometer HDWBV-100, mounted at the center of the rubber pad HD2030PAD, is housed an anodized aluminum case provided with a threaded hole, suitable for sensor calibration, and a 4-pin M5 connector compatible with HD2030.CAB3M cables.

Reference markets are:

• Control of vibration risk for drivers of passenger and work vehicles
• Measurement of vibrations in the automotive industry
• Laboratory measurements

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