HD50CR – Clean Room Logger Transmitter

HD50CR – Clean Room Logger Transmitter

Relative or differential low pressure transmitter and data logger designed for wall flush-mounting

The HD50CR is the ideal solution for monitoring of differential pressure, temperature and humidity in Clean Room applications.

A low pressure sensor with high accuracy and stability and auto-zeroing feature ensure high accuracy and stability over the time.

Three 0…5/10 V and 0/4…20 mA analog outputs and a digital RS485 output with “Slave” Modbus-RTU protocol allow connecting the instrument to a network of sensors are available. The instrument can also be connected to a local network via the Ethernet interface (optionally Wi-Fi, on request). The simultaneous operation of two communication protocols (proprietary and Modbus TCP/IP) is possible. The instrument manages up to 10 “TCP/IP Client” simultaneously. If the local network is connected to Internet, the data can be regularly sent to an FTP address, to the Cloud and via e-mail.

The instrument is also available in a version with only the 3 analogue outputs and the RS485 digital output, with decimal resolution. Click here for the HD50CR-AS dedicated manual.

Configuring the instrument is very simple: if both connected to the same network, this can be done through any device that has been granted access to the instruments webserver.

For each detected quantity, two alarm thresholds can be set by the user. Exceeding a threshold is signaled by direct alarms.

For specific FDA regulations that can apply in the Pharmaceutical industry, we can provide optional modules to our standard HD35AP-S and HDServer1 software to fully operate conform 21 CFR part 11 regulations.

The HD50CR provides the ideal solution for the application, keeping track of any out of range values and providing the perfect evidence for any quality audit. The stainless steel flush-mounted style guarantees that the instrument is easy to clean.

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