LPS06… – Spectrally Flat Class C Albedometer

LPS06… – Spectrally Flat Class C Albedometer

Maximize data accuracy with the new Spectrally Flat Class C albedometer

LPS06... is our new Spectrally Flat Class C albedometer composed by 2 Class C Pyranometers: the perfect solution for precise and efficient measurement of surface reflectivity and solar radiation!

Fully compliant with ISO 9060:2018 standards, the albedometer provides:

  • Accurate Measurement: it utilizes advanced sensor technology to provide highly accurate measurements of surface reflectivity, ensuring you obtain reliable data for your research or applications.
  • Dual Functionality: thermopile sensors facing upwards and downwards, capturing both incident and reflected solar radiation. This means you get a comprehensive view of your solar data, allowing for unparalleled insights..
  • Weather-Resistant Design: Built to withstand diverse environmental conditions, our Albedometer features a robust and weather-resistant design. From scorching sunlight to challenging climates, it is build to deliver consistent performance.

Totally passive, it doesn’t require any power supply. This simplifies your setup: direct outputs from the electric signals of the pyranometers to your data logger or automatic data processor.

Senseca albedometers are supplied factory calibrated with individual calibration report.

Our range also includes Spectrally Flat Class A and Spectrally Flat Class B albedometers.


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