LPPYRA-Lite – Pyranometer for Small-Scale PV Monitoring

LPPYRA-Lite – Pyranometer for Small-Scale PV Monitoring

A Spectrally Flat C Pyranometer according to ISO 9060:2018 for ordinary solar efficiency monitoring of PV system

LPPYRA-Lite is a Spectrally Flat Pyranometer according to ISO 9060:2018. It measures the irradiance on a flat surface (W/m²)

Small, light and compact. This pyranometer is especially designed for small-scale PV monitoring and ordinary efficency control of PV systems,

The LPPYRA-Lite uses a thermopile sensor that grants accurate, reliable and precise measurements according to the reference standard.

It is available in 2 versions in order to meet installation requirements:

  • LPPYRA-Lite passive
  • LPPYRA-LiteAC active with 2-wire (current loop) 4…20 mA output.

Easy to set up and install: the perfect solution for direct tilted installation. An adapter is available to ease the mounting.

In case of horizontal positioning, an optional fixing base integrating a levelling device is also available.

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