Noise Studio

Download Software Noise Studio

Rev.  9.60– 25/03/2024 – Size 426 MB


We are pleased to announce the general availability of the new software release.

Here you can download the list of changes included in this version and the history of previous releases.

Module NS1

Workers protection module

Module NS3

Acoustic insulation module 

Module NS4

Monitor Module 

Module NS2A – Acoustic pollution

Module NS5 – Environmental Noise

Replaced by NS-ENS

NoiseStudio example

Rev. 6.7 – 042/04/2011 Size 250 mb

NoiseStudio documentation

Rev. 6.5.3 – 10/05/2010 size 148 mb


Older versions of the software

Noise Studio

Version with additional modules enabled without dongle

Rev. 5.9 – 30/03/2011 Size 646 mb


Rev. 7.8 – 18/03/2010 Size 41.6 mb


This software is only for the following instruments: